A health plan to reverse trends in type 2 diabetes.

Making type 2 diabetes remission possible, and lower costs of care achievable.

A better care experience, better outcomes and lower out-of-pocket costs for your employees with type 2 diabetes. Lower plan costs, optimized health care utilization, and improved employee productivity for employers.

Let’s level with one another about diabetes care.

We can’t keep treating diabetes as business as usual. In just 10 years, health care costs for diabetes have risen 95 percent.1 Diabetes represents some of the highest healthcare spends – with private insurers covering half of these costs.1

And while costs have skyrocketed, health outcomes have not improved. Today, at least 1 in 10 adults has type 2 diabetes and nearly half fail to achieve adequate glycemic control.2 Poor outcomes associated with type 2 diabetes then increase the burden of other diseases like obesity and cardiovascular disease, negatively affect an employee’s vitality and well-being, leading to missed workdays and decreased overall productivity.3

It’s time to reverse these trends and improve how we care for people with type 2 diabetes.





Introducing Level2

The combination of Dexcom G6 glucose monitoring system, a smartwatch, and your phone are designed to improve outcomes

Everyone benefits from our clinically proven, personalized approach 4,5

Level2 is an evidence-based, personalized, digital care experience designed to improve outcomes for people with type 2 diabetes, with the ultimate goal of putting it into remission; while at the same time, reducing health care spend.

For employers and employees, that’s a win-win

How it works.

From end to end, Level2 is made to keep participants motivated on their diabetes care journey.

Personal insights in real-time via health tracking

Level2 empowers members with real-time support that incorporates personal coaching that is augmented by data from the latest in wearable technology. We provide participants with a Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System – and then we pair CGM data with that of a participant’s own activity tracker.

Your employees get a real-time view into how their bodies react to food, activity, stress, and medications and see their own biometric data – like glucose/sugar levels, heart rate, and sleep duration/quality – right on their smartphones.

Meaningful changes with data-driven recommendations

Using machine learning and AI, the Level2 Health app offers micro-interventions that help members take small steps for their health that can deliver big and lasting impact.

Personalized care through tailored clinical expertise

Our coaches help members create a customized plan to improve diet and physical activity. Members receive support and feedback via phone, text, and video. Our care teams use member data to review and manage treatment plans with the goal of reducing medications and improving overall health.

A rich benefit design to reward you and your employees

For your employees with type 2 diabetes, Level2 offers curated formularies, coupled with care teams that are a part of a sculpted network of providers hand selected for their deep type 2 diabetes expertise.

For you as an employer, Level2 assumes full financial risk for members who meet our inclusion criteria, meaning you don’t have to think about type 2 diabetes – we do it for you.

Ready to realize the benefits of Level2?


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